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Eye-catching maxi posters

Not sure how to fill that large bare wall? Want to create some serious impact? Our range of big posters come in XXL sizes to really up the ante! You can choose from the majority of our images and when you find the right picture, we will blow it up to one of our giant print sizes: 120x80, 120x90 or our popular 120x40 panoramic format. Maxi posters are an eye-catching way of bringing your favourite artworks to even the largest room. Picking the right place to hang your maxi posters is key. Ideally, you need a large room with high ceilings to really bring out the best in larger pieces of art.

Choose a space where the ceilings are too low and the room can feel overpowered by the art, give your print room to breathe and it will have a much stronger impact. That said, choosing a print that almost covers an entire wall can create either a cosy or a dramatic feel in a bedroom if you choose the right image. A night-time city skyline or a softly glowing sunrise could look beautiful.

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Our most popular maxi poster categories


Beautiful panoramas and breath-taking cityscapes

Some of the images that work best as maxi posters are of spectacular landscapes. Panoramic shots of stunning views can bring the beauty of nature into your home. Choose from dramatic mountain ranges, the vast horizon of the ocean, or endless stretches of white paradise sands. Maxi posters of the sky are an ingenious way of maximising the sense of space in a room, whether you opt for colourful sunsets, the dancing glow of the Northern lights, or a soft and floaty clouds print.

Another popular choice is city skylines, with their edgy atmosphere and glittering neon lights. From the world’s most famous cityscape, Manhattan, to the historic charm of Paris or Cologne, choosing a city skyline brings a cool, urban feel to your décor.

Maxi prints - giant posters as your home’s stand-out feature

When choosing the material for your maxi posters, it may be helpful to consider the weight of your print. Lightweight materials such as Forex, Alu-Dibond or high-quality photographic paper ensure that your XXL image hangs safely. If your wall is sturdy and you love the look of canvas prints, we can also custom frame your giant image to enhance its beauty. Canvas prints can be delivered with an individual floating frame for an even more classy look.
Whatever style or material, your new artwork will reach you within a few days only. Free delivery and return make it even easier for you to brighten up your walls. Now all you need to do is choose the perfect spot for your giant wall art!