Browse through our fantastic selection of posters here and discover the perfect piece of wall decor for every room. You’ll find everything your internal interior designer might desire – from classic pieces of art to modern illustrations. Choose from various sizes, styles and formats, and round off your new favourite poster with one of our handmade picture frames. Explore our diverse range of designs now.

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What to know about our posters with premium quality

For our posters we use premium-quality poster paper, which was specially developed for the digital printing process we use in our own print house. To ensure that you can enjoy your new favourite poster for a long time, we use certified inks that are solvent-free and UV-resistant and impress with their brilliant and lasting colour fastness. On the silk-glossy surface the vibrant colours of our designs are particularly beautiful and come into their own. Our high-quality printing materials and a colour application with a raised effect give our posters gallery quality.

With us you will find your new favourite posters! Choose between colourful or black and white designs. Do you prefer mini-prints or large posters? With or without a frame? Pick the posters that suit you and your home best!

Print on 250 g/m² premium paper Print on 250 g/m²
premium paper
Maximum colour brilliance and high UV resistance Maximum colour brilliance
and high UV resistance
Elegant look with 3 mm wide white border Elegant look
3 mm wide white border
Different frames available Different
frames available

From Monet to Klimt: art prints as stylish accents

In our shop you will find numerous designs by old masters and other famous artists, who are among the most famous in the world. Whether da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’, Monet’s ‘Water Lilies’ or van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ – our high-quality poster prints are an affordable alternative, with which you can bring the artworks of your favourite artist into your home.

With our high-quality paper and digital printing technology, we can reproduce the works of history’s most prominent artists as posters for you. You want to add stylish accents to your home? Then choose your favourite work of art and take it home as a framed art print. In our frame manufacture, we will build your chosen frame to fit your poster perfectly.

Handmade by Posterlounge Handmade by Posterlounge
Environmentally friendly ink Environmentally friendly ink
Print on demand Print on demand

Our posters are particularly suitable for a children’s room because you can attach them quickly without much effort. With coloured pins, adhesive strips or colourful tape, you can easily attach the posters to walls and other flat surfaces. If your child no longer likes the designs, you can easily remove them and replace them with his or her new favourites. This is especially practical because of course, your child’s hobbies, interests and dreams will develop and change with them. Browse through our designs and order your kids’ new favourites posters!

Are you looking for beautiful designs suitable for children and would like to try a different material? As an alternative to our posters we recommend also our foam board prints for the children’s bedroom. They are light, stable and wipeable, making them ideal for children’s hands! With their slightly shiny surface, our foam board prints are also a real eye-catcher in every child’s room.

One of our employees recommends our posters

Simply place the poster on the wall and stick it in place – you can make your walls more beautiful very quickly!

Lisa – Posterlounge Team

Framed posters – elegant and high-quality

You can also order framed posters with us, because as easy and quick posters can be put on the wall without drilling: some posters are given extra character in a frame. Framed posters are an eye-catcher because the frame gives the design a special depth. Bring the gallery feeling into your home and choose the art print of your choice with one of our high-quality solid wood or aluminium frames.

After you have chosen your favourite design as a poster you can choose a frame. After printing, we frame your poster in our in-house frame manufacture. We place your poster print in the frame, which you can choose in different colours to match your interior. High quality is important to us, which is why we use picture frame mouldings made of first-class solid wood and aluminium. The front is made of shatterproof, anti-reflective acrylic glass. Order our framed art prints, that perfectly suit you and your personal gallery!

Print house areas – Posterlounge

Posterlove by Posterlounge

We love art – and that’s why we have high standards for the quality of our posters and wall art. With our own art print house, we succeed in meeting our demands day after day. Here we rely on high quality materials and resource-saving print on demand. With our handmade frames, we can add the finishing touches to your posters if you wish – so your favourite print is ready to be delivered to your home within a few days.

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Frequently asked questions about posters

Frequently asked questions about posters

  1. What is a poster?
  2. Advantages
  3. Material
  4. Border
  5. Custom border
  6. Size options
  7. Non-listed formats
  8. Mounting
  9. Frame
  10. Frame front
  11. Frame mounting
  12. Mounting location
  13. Packaging
  14. Delivery time
  15. Indication of copyright and artist
  16. Durability
  17. Wall design
  18. Frame size
  19. Ripples in the poster

A poster is an image printed on paper that you can use to decorate your walls of other flat surfaces. Traditionally, posters are large sized, decorative prints that are usually hung on the wall without frames. However, with us you can get all designs in an array of variations – depending on the formats and sizes you are looking for.

We use high-quality premium paper in art print quality for the printing of our posters.

The special feature of our posters is above all their excellent price-performance ratio: our posters are our lowest-priced material, nevertheless you can expect wall art in top printing quality. Digital printing on premium poster paper, with a raised colour effect, is durable and will enable you to enjoy your print for years to come.

Our posters are printed with an elegant white border that further enhances the design. In addition, the 3 mm wide border ensures that the designs are not cut when you combine our posters with a standard picture frame in the appropriate sizes. Last but not least, posters have the amazing advantage that they are not only easy to hang but can also be replaced again should your walls ever need updating.

We print all designs in art print quality on 250 g/m² premium paper. The coated surface has a slight shine to it creating a classy finish. As we use high-quality UV inks from Canon, especially designed for digital printing, you can be sure that our posters are consistent in colour and very durable.

Premium paper
Poster printed with UV ink

We always print our posters with a 3 mm white border within the specified size. For example, if a poster has the size of 50 × 70 cm, the dimensions for the design itself are 49.4 × 69.4 cm, due to the white border on each side.

If you hang your poster without a frame, the white border provides an additional highlight of the design itself. If you opt for a frame, the border is usually concealed depending on the type of frame. This way, the design is not cut off by the frame.

Art print with 3 mm white border
Framed poster

No, all of our posters are printed with a white border of 3 mm.

If you do not want the border to be visible, we recommend using a frame, as this usually hides the white border. When ordering in our online shop, you can choose to add to the order a frame, made of solid wood or aluminium, which is assembled in our own frame manufacture and shipped ready to hang. If, on the other hand, you would like to showcase your picture with more white space, you can make an appropriate passepartout for it yourself.

We recommend that you measure the space you have in mind for your new wall decoration before placing your order. This is how you then proceed in our online shop:

  • Pick your favourite design.
  • Select ‘Poster’ as the material.
  • Select the size you want.

If you already have a picture frame, you can simply use the dimensions as a guide – from mini to large formats, we offer many standard sizes that should fit. Optionally, you can select a poster frame to go with your design in our online shop. Our production team will make the frame by hand to fit your poster perfectly.

No, we only print posters in the sizes you can select from the drop-down menu. However, depending on the design and format, you can choose from numerous sizes on our website – from square prints (starting from 13 × 13 cm) to common poster sizes (50 × 70 cm or 60 × 80 cm) to large posters (100 × 150 cm).

Our sizes are common formats that also fit many commercially available picture frames. Alternatively, you can conveniently order a matching frame from our online shop. If you would like to use a frame that does not have standard dimensions, you can order your poster in a smaller format and add a passepartout yourself.

The easiest way to attach posters is with adhesives that can be easily removed without damaging the poster. Instead of nails, tacks or adhesive strips, we recommend poster strips or adhesive putty to attach the poster to walls or doors. You can add an extra eye-catcher with colourful tape.

Back of a poster with poster strips
Fixing options for the posters

For a high-quality look, it is a great idea to frame the poster. In our online shop you will find handmade picture frames made of solid wood and aluminium that you can order together with your posters. Instead of hanging them on the wall, you can also set the scene for your framed posters by placing them on picture rails, shelves or on top of a chest of drawers.

Poster with frame in natural
Poster with frame made of solid wood in white

Yes, you will find a suitable picture frame for almost every poster format in our online shop. Simply select your favourite frame on the product page. Our high-quality frames are made of solid wood or aluminium, the front is made of anti-reflective glass and the back is an MDF panel.

Our frames are assembled in our own frame manufacture in excellent quality, and then the posters are framed by hand. You will receive your framed poster including wall mount on the back.

Front of a framed poster
Back of a framed poster

We deliver the framed poster ready to hang. For you, this means the poster is protected in a frame with a front and back panel. After unpacking, you can immediately hang your framed poster.

To protect the front, we use anti-reflective acrylic glass to reduce reflections. The material is unbreakable and easy to clean, so it can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The back wall consists of a stable MDF panel to which the wall mount is attached. In addition, we provide our framed posters from a size 50 × 50 cm with a dust-protection bond.

With us, you receive all framed posters ready to hang – no assembling needed! As soon as you have received your order, you can hang it directly with the wall mount already attached to the back. Our poster frames are equipped with an anti-reflective acrylic glass panel and a sturdy MDF back panel, as well as dust-protection for sizes of 50 × 50 cm and larger.

With our posters, you can embellish your four walls, and this is best done in interiors such as living rooms, bedrooms or children’s rooms. In order to enjoy your poster for a long time, you should hang it in dry rooms and protect it from permanent directly sunlight.

When printing our posters, we take special care to ensure that the prints retain their maximum colour brilliance for a long time – no matter in which room you hang them. To achieve this, we print our posters on high-quality poster paper, which is particularly suitable for art prints and photographs. The use of certified UV inks produces a colour-fast, resistant and non-ageing print result.

How your order is delivered depends on the size of the poster: we pack small formats up to 30 × 40 cm in a sturdy shipping envelope. We ship all larger formats rolled in packing paper in a shipping tube. In any case, our poster prints are not folded or creased, so the product arrives with you in mint condition.

Shipping envelope
Shipping tube

We print all designs on demand, which means directly after your order. We often print our posters on the same day. As a rule, your order will be ready for shipping within one to two working days. The estimated delivery time is shown on the product page and in the shopping basket.

The name of the corresponding artist is printed on every print that you can order with Posterlounge. This is so that you always know who the artwork is by and can also share this information with friends and acquaintances.

At Posterlounge you will not only find the classic artworks of Monet, Klimt and Co., but also contemporary art from the fields of photography, painting and illustration. We are very proud to be a platform for contemporary artists and photographers. Therefore, it is important for us, and not just for legal reasons, that we label our prints with the names of the artists behind the artworks.

Name of the corresponding artist on the print

Our posters keep their luminosity and are protected from fading for many years thanks to the UV-resistant inks we use for printing. If you make sure to hang the posters indoors and protect from constant, direct sunlight, they will give you satisfaction for years to come.

Poster walls can be designed to either be coherent and homogeneous or abstract and contrasting – depending on the designs and sizes you choose. You can combine small and large prints to create a particularly beautiful eye-catching wall decoration. From symmetrically strict to chaotic and creative – there are no limits to what you can do.

Gallery wall with posters by Posterlounge
Gallery wall with black and white posters by Posterlounge

If you are planning to create a poster wall, you should first think about designs and sizes in advance. For your personal choice of design, you will find a huge selection of classic and contemporary paintings as well as illustrations and photographs in our online shop. Our search function and categories will help you discover more suitable designs for your ensemble.

When choosing image sizes, it depends on how much space you have available. You can create a large gallery wall above the living room couch or arrange three to four small prints in the children’s room. This also creates different effects depending on how you arrange the posters. Several posters of the same size create a pleasant harmony. If you arrange posters of different sizes next to each other, on the other hand, the impression of creative chaos is in flow. Your wall design will be more expressive if you hang posters with frames.

Yes, many of our poster formats are based on sizes of standard picture frames. When ordering your poster in our online shop, it is best to pay close attention to the specified dimensions.

If you want to frame your poster yourself, we recommend inserting another sheet of paper as a filler to the back, if necessary, as this increases the pressure in the frame between the front and back and prevents the poster from curling. If required, you can of course either trim your poster yourself or provide it with a passepartout.

Do you want to make things easier for yourself? Then select a picture frame for your poster when ordering in our online shop. You will receive your poster already framed and ready to hang.

Posters may curl if the pressure between the front and the back of the frame is too low. If the poster has too much space in the frame, it can easily curl when the humidity is too high and the temperature changes. To prevent this, you can place more filler sheets between the poster and the back board so that the pressure is increased.