Claude Monet

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Claude Monet

The mere name Claude Monet immediately evokes the delicate water lilies, floating gracefully and peacefully on the water, and creating a tranquil atmosphere. This series of images is widely known. Find out more about the artist's life and work here. Discover our selection of Claude Monet posters online.

From cartoonist to impressionist

Born in 1840, the son of a grocer grew up in the northern port Le Havre. He was taught drawing from early on. As he wasn't interested very much in most of the school subjects, he used to draw caricatures of teachers and pupils during lessons. These were so popular, that they even got displayed in the shop windows of the town. Monet thus became one of Le Havre's the most famous caricaturists.

In 1857, Monet's first landscape painting came into being. Until the mid 1860s, he mainly created realistic works, some of which were exhibited in the Salon de Paris.
In 1873, several artists joined to form an impressionist society. Before the group's first exhibition took place a few months later, Monet developed the new style, whose name was coined by his painting Impression - Sunrise. The artist became a famous representative of impressionism.

In the early 1880s, Monet rented a house in Giverny, where he created his famous garden, which is depicted in many of his paintings. He was constantly looking for new inspirations and impressions, which he found mostly by travelling and by studying other artists such as the Old Masters. This passion came to an abrupt end, when he contracted cataract in 1908. The artist's last years were characterized by depression, which often resulted in the destruction of unfinished works and sketches - he didn't want them to get sold after his death. Claude Monet died on December 5, 1926 in Giverny.

Important facts:

  • born Nov 14, 1840 in Paris
  • important representative of classic impressionism, which has its name from one of his paintings
  • popular works are Impression - Sunrise; Woman with a Parasol; Water Lilies; A pathway in Monet's garden
  • died Dec 5, 1926 in Giverny

Claude Monet and Impressionism

Even if Monet's artwork is very diverse and belongs to more than one art style epoch, he is mostly connected with impressionism.

The new painting technique gained acceptance in the second half of the 19th century. Most impressionist works are painted like sketched and reflect more than before the subjective impressions of the artist. It was no longer depicted what was seen, but rather the process of perception.

During their work, Claude Monet and the other impressionists followed strict design principles, as for instance the use of spectrum colours, complementary contrasts, as well as the so-called comma technique, which consists of short, comma-like brushstrokes. Monet gave up the air and nature perspective preferred by naturalism. Instead, he used cool as well as warm colour shades for background and foreground.

Claude Monet posters and wall pictures for your home

The painting Impression - Sunrise coined the name of impressionism and is one of Monet's most popular paintings. It shows the port of Le Havre on an overcast morning.
The foreground depicts three fishing boats on their way out to sea; the background contains - vaguely perceptible - ships at anchor. As Claude Monet wanted to achieve a precise representation of his impressions and his perspective, he renounced any composition and spatial effect. This was to become typical of impressionism. First, the painting provoked extensive criticism, which aimed at the sketched look of the work. Today, it is one of the most important pieces of art history.

At Posterlounge, you can discover this and other treasures by Claude monet. World-famous and a great eye-catcher in every living room are Monet's water lilies.
During the last 30 years of his life, Claude Monet dedicated his time nearly exclusively to his garden, which often appears in his works. He gave up the big landscape compositions and turned more and more to the partial view. Therefore, the water lily pictures, for example, don't include the horizon anymore. Only as a reflection in the pond do sky and trees show. The gamut of colours is especially splendid and highly nuanced, which reproduces the lighting conditions in a unique way.

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More important works of the artist:

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