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What to know about our foam board prints

Are you looking for the perfect combination of brilliant display and durable design? Then you’ve struck gold, because our foam board prints offer both. The rigid PVC foam boards we print on have a slightly glossy surface that gives your design a classy finish. At the same time, these boards are very light and stable – meaning the foam board prints are easy to handle and cannot cause any damage – and are therefore perfect to decorate children’s rooms or nurseries. And given how robust they are, our foamed PVC prints can also withstand tough weather conditions outdoors.

In particular, high white content designs make a special impact as foam board prints. This is because the material itself is bright white. This gives your new print a fresh, streamlined look thanks to the nature of the material.

Our foam prints, therefore, pair remarkably well with minimalist interior looks, such as the Scandinavian or industrial style. But they can also be focal points in a colourful space. Some examples of designs that feature high white content are black-and-white photos, sayings, world maps or modern illustrations. But other designs also benefit from the high colour brilliance we achieve by printing with UV inks.

Printed on a 4 mm thick hard foam panel Printed on a 4 mm thick hard foam panel
Semi-matt surface Semi-matt
Very lightweight and sturdy Very lightweight
and sturdy
Wall mounts included Wall mounts

From Klimt to Kandinsky – art on hard foam panels

Art doesn’t just look good in museums, your own four walls can also be made to be just as inviting with the right work of art. The effect of a particular design or image very often depends on the material.

Our foam prints are particularly suited to displaying modern art. Thanks to the UV inks used, the colours of the designs practically shine out. Pieces with colours and shapes in the foreground truly catch the eye. That’s why, for fans of Wassily Kandinsky, Hilma af Klint, Gustav Klimt and co., we recommend our foam board wall art when it comes to displaying your favourite pieces.

Handmade by Posterlounge Handmade by Posterlounge
Environmentally friendly ink Environmentally friendly ink
Print on demand Print on demand

Our foam board prints are not only particularly suited to the kitchen and bathroom, but also to outdoor areas that are sheltered from the wind and children’s rooms. On a terrace or balcony, the material defies the weather conditions and can continue to catch the eye for many years to come.

Our foam board prints are such a good choice for kids’ rooms or nurseries because even those sticky little fingers can’t harm the easy-care material. Plus, as the prints are so lightweight, they aren’t a source of danger if things get a bit more action-packed! Browse through our hand-picked range and discover the perfect foam print for your home!

One of our employees recommends our foam board prints

Our foam board prints are the perfect entry-level product. The material is light and stable, the colours are bright – and all this at a reasonable price.

Peggy – Posterlounge Team

Even more flair with our frames for foam board prints

Our foam board prints make an impression, even on their own. Their clear, modern design is a sure way to do that. That said, a picture frame can add an extra flair to your foam board print. Framed images inevitably make more of an impact in any space. So if you want to really set the scene for your favourite design, take advantage and order your desired print with the matching frame, right away. Enjoy our all-inclusive service – it’s easy to choose your new foam board print just by browsing through our online shop – and you can select the frame on the product page at the same time, too.

After printing, the picture is then framed by our frame manufacture. We pay close attention to quality. Our picture frames are made of solid wood laths and the prints are fitted into the frame by hand. Furthermore, with our frames, there is not only a choice of different models, but also a variety of colours. This means you can match the frame perfectly to your home furnishings. What are you waiting for? Get your new piece framed today.

Print house areas – Posterlounge

Handmade by Posterlounge

In our art print house and frame manufacture, we produce all our wall art and frames ourselves, using high-quality materials. This means we are sure to meet our high standards when it comes to the quality of our products and service. Our in-house production also makes it possible for us to offer resource-saving print on demand. We also carefully pack your desired piece so that it arrives at your home within a few days. Our customer support will be happy to help you with any questions about our products or your order.

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Frequently asked questions about foam board prints

Frequently asked questions about foam board prints

  1. What is a foam board print?
  2. Advantages
  3. Plate thickness
  4. Printing process
  5. Material
  6. Size options
  7. Using it as a pinboard
  8. Non-listed formats
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  10. Frames
  11. Print on a hard foam panel
  12. Packaging
  13. Delivery time
  14. Indication of copyright and artist
  15. What about in children’s rooms?
  16. Durability

For our foam board prints, we print the designs on bright white hard foam panels made of PVC. The outer edges remain white. The printable plastic panels are only 4 mm thick and their low weight is the most notable feature. The tough material is highly suited to children’s rooms or nurseries.

Foam board print in detail
Foam board direct print

The material is particularly light – this makes our foam board prints easy to handle and hang up. As such, they are especially suitable for kids’ rooms. Due to the bright white surface of the material, designs printed on hard foam panels appear particularly colour-intensive. On top of this, they are moisture-resistant and therefore also make excellent decorations for outdoor areas protected from the wind.

Foam board print in the children’s room
Foam board print in the bathroom

The PVC hard foam panel is 4 mm thick and has white outer edges.

The design is applied to the hard foam board by direct UV printing. Using this technique, we create high-contrast, bright colours and a silky glossy look for our designs. Furthermore, the colours are water and light resistant.

Foam board print production 1
Foam board print production 2

The material is slightly shiny, with a satin finish. Reflections are not a problem due to the nature of the material. The plastic boards are also extremely light and robust and therefore easy to handle. As they are water and light resistant, our foam board prints are also well suited to damp rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms, as well as for outdoor use. The prints can be easily cleaned with a soft, damp cloth.

You can select the appropriate format on the product page. We have a wide range of possible sizes for you. All the formats offered can be shipped – depending on the size of the package, this will be via post, parcel service or courier.

Yes, it’s easy to use pins with our foam board prints. But be careful and remember that any puncture holes remain visible in the image.

Foam board print as pinboard 1
Foam board print as pinboard 2

Unfortunately, we can only offer you the formats listed on the respective product page. Ordering custom sizes is not possible.

We deliver our foam board prints with one or two suitable wall mounts, so you do not have to buy anything. The wall mounts supplied are easy to attach and instructions are included.

Yes, we also offer very beautiful, real wood frames. You can select the right frame for your design on the product page. We frame the foam board print in our own frame manufacture and then deliver it to your home. So your print arrives ready to hang!

Actually, there’s no difference in the material – Forex® prints are foam board prints. This means that the quality, properties and advantages are the same. Thanks to the dense core of the 4 mm thick hard foam board, the direct printing is protected from minimal scratches and the panel retains its shape. Moreover, hard foam panels are very light and therefore particularly easy to hang.

We deliver your print packed in a sturdy box, lying flat and well-protected.

Foam board print packaging for small formats
Foam board print packaging for large formats

It usually only takes a few working days for your foam board print to arrive at your home. The estimated delivery times can be found at the time of ordering, both on the product page and at the checkout. As soon as we send your print, you’ll receive a shipment confirmation by e-mail.

This is a matter that lies close to our hearts; we want to support the artists in our shop and to honour them for their work. But it is also a small imprint which is just a few millimetres high, and it is a necessary reference to the author and producer of the respective wall art. We design the labelling so that it does not detract from the effect of the design.

Copyright print

They are very robust, lightweight and inexpensive. That means that due to their low weight, foam board prints do not cause scrapes or scratches, even if things get a bit more action-packed! In addition, they are easy to wipe off and therefore forgiving of the odd handprint. Furthermore, as our designs are great value for money, they can easily be replaced or rearranged.

Wall art in a children’s room 1
Wall art in a children’s room 2

Indoors, our foam board prints last for many years. But even outdoors, they have a lifespan of several years, thanks to the robust material and the water- and light-resistant colours. If hung outdoors, please make sure that the foam board print is protected from particularly high temperatures and strong precipitation as well as wind. With our foam board prints, you are choosing a long-lasting product.