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Soon after finishing their studies, Falk Teßmer, Florian Teßmer and Mandy Reinmuth dared to take their first step into self-employment with the Posterlounge online shop in 2003. Even today, the three founders work very closely and make all important decisions together. Falk and Florian Teßmer take care of everything arising in the day-to-day business; in the publishing team, Mandy Reinmuth looks after our contacts with artists and picture agencies. It’s not for nothing that we at Posterlounge spell Teamwork with a capital ‘T’!

Our office team

In our office, all employees from the various departments work on one level. Our publishing team is always on the lookout for new artists and lovingly looks after our existing talents and image agencies. As the direct link to our customers, our support team devote themselves to every request with much flair. And while our IT and graphics specialists dedicate themselves to the optimisation of our website and attractive presentation of our products, our marketing and SEO staff work constantly to make the Posterlounge brand even more popular.

Our production team

In production, skill is demanded just as much as professional expertise. Our production staff are experts in their respective fields. From hammering canvases, to packaging posters, to the safe operation of machines and profiling of printing inks: skills and expertise are the most essential things.