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Shabby chic pictures for your home

The versatile shabby chic trend shows no sign of going anywhere. For the last 20 years, the style has brought a gorgeous vintage feel to our homes. Antique or upcycled furniture, soft whites, champagne and pastel shades, and natural wooden flooring are the foundations of the look. Treating yourself to some shabby chic pictures can be a beautiful way of bring a hint of the look into your home, or add the finishing touches to the rest of your décor in the style. From vintage prints to more contemporary pieces that embrace the shabby chic colour palette, why not browse our collection of pictures to inspire your style?

Romantic shabby chic pictures

Shabby chic can be a beautifully romantic look, with its soft colour tones and French-inspired furnishings. Choosing romantic shabby chic pictures is a lovely way to complement the style, especially in a bedroom or living room. If you love the romance of roses, you’ll love the delicate pinks of “Roses Bouquet” or the purity of the petals in “White Rose”. The vintage-style love letters that hang across “Letters” makes a heart-warming addition to a room, while the trendy white-washed floorboards are a perfect background to the romantic message in “Love is all we need”.

Vintage shabby chic pictures

Embrace the antique feel of shabby chic style with a vintage print for your walls. From classic still life watercolours, to intimate portraits painted in oils, a vintage picture can bring a real authenticity to your room. “The Bath” is a fantastic example of a vintage picture which would look great framed against a white wall in a variety of rooms, while Arthur Heyer’s painting of “White cats watching goldfish” has a wonderfully luxurious quality.

Contemporary shabby chic pictures

While shabby chic is all about creating a vintage-inspired look to a room, you can achieve this in a modern way with a contemporary print. Photo stills such as “Peony and Ivy”, “White Lotus” or “Lilac” do this perfectly, capturing the dreamy romance of the style while bringing a contemporary twist. An abstract artwork in a shabby chic colour palette can also be a unique way of bring the look to your room. “Little flower” and “Abstrakt” both show the art style’s edgier side. You can reflect your style in the material you choose for your picture. Going vintage? Traditional canvas works well. Prefer a more modern take? Why not opt for glossy acrylic glass for your pictures?