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Contemporary art prints for modern interiors

Wow! Contemporary pictures are vibrant and graphical. They are not cluttered, but usually focus on one theme that appears at the centre of the image. Contemporary artists and illustrators choose from a range of subjects: from people – whether famous or unknown – and animals to graphic design posters and abstract colour paintings.

Contemporary art prints are an inspiration in any room. If you have decorated your living room in a modern style using a high-key material mix and colourful accents, use a selection of contemporary prints to pull it all together. If you have white walls combined with warm colours, choose art prints to complement or accent your décor. The cool colours in “Air 5” would accent reds, oranges and yellows, for example. And a mini series of contemporary art prints like “Mohnblumen I” hung between “Colorgame II” and “Colorgame III” will mirror the glow of your other warm accessories.

Contemporary wall art: Playgrounds of colour

You can apply the same principle to the prints you choose for other rooms. Complement cool blue bedroom walls with a print like “White boat, Kilifli 2012” or “Summer”. If your bedroom is pink, think about wall art like “Deer Felix Pink” or “Doves no.2” to add soft energy to the ambience.

Many of the graphical contemporary art prints have a meditative look and feel. For quiet rooms or hallways, choose a line-up like “Buddha”, “Black polka” and “poppy seedheads, x-ray” for a strictly black and white theme. Add “now more than ever” for intense contemporary colour that boosts the mystical feeling. Your walls are your playground!

Contemporary art prints at Posterlounge

Contemporary art is known for its expansive dimensions, so you can finally fill a whole wall with your favourite picture. If you want to think big and order the 120x80 cm or even 130x90 cm size, don’t worry – most contemporary art prints were created with smooth surfaces in mind so canvas is not a must.

Posterlounge offers premium poster paper with a silken sheen, for example. Modern wall art on poster paper is the economy choice and you can hang your print without a frame. The acrylic glass or Alu Dibond mounting options are also suitable for these pictures – these materials are rigid and made to show off high-contrast images in brilliant colours. A great mounting choice for images with lots of white in the background, semi-gloss Forex PVC foam board also reproduces colours with great accuracy.