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Treat your little ones to some nursery pictures

When it comes to DIY, there can’t be many tasks as magical as decorating the nursery. Creating a calm and colourful space for your growing family is the ideal way to show you care. And chances are you might spend a few sleepless nights in there yourself, so it pays to have some great nursery wall art to look at during the wee hours!

For children, wall art can help spark their imaginations and teach them about the world. Many nursery prints use bright colours and simple shapes to engage their young minds. We have a range of nursery pictures to appeal to all ages of children, posters for babies and posters for older children. Dive into our collection to find your favourite pieces.

Cute prints for little cuties

Nursery pictures feature all of those childhood favourites from lovable animals to diggers and toys. You’ll find every imaginable cute creature so you can be sure of finding your child’s favourite. The friendly bear in ‘Baer’, the heart-melting parent and child in ‘Together elephants’ and the funny tower of turtles in ‘Turtle Stack’ are all among the favourites. Or why not go for a whole group of animals with nursery pictures like ‘Animal alphabet’? They’ve got everything from apes to zebra!

If you are decorating for older children, try stepping into the world of superheroes. The colourful sunset in ‘Batman and Robin II’ adds a pop of colour to bedroom walls. We also love nursery pictures with inspirational messages. ‘You are so loved’ comes in a variety of colours and delivers a simple but important message, while the ‘Be so happy elephants’ have a great life motto.

Choosing the right material for your nursery pictures

There are plenty of options when it comes to selecting materials for your prints, so you should find something that will really work well with your chosen image. Nursery pictures with white backgrounds or lots of soft, pale colours look wonderful when printed onto lightweight Forex foam board. And you don’t have to worry about little hands grabbing heavy canvases, it’s light enough to hang safely above a child’s bed. And speaking of small hands, why not avoid the potential damage sticky fingers can do by choosing a wipe-clean material, such as acrylic glass? Or keep costs down with our affordable but high-quality photo paper.