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Flower pictures add a fresh twist to your walls

The meadows are colourful and smell flowery, butterflies dance on the blooming carpet, bees and crickets hum - that is pure summer. You just relax, enjoy the warmth and the glowing colours. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to capture this feeling? Do it - with the wonderful flower pictures by Posterlounge!

Even on the greyest winter days, pictures of flowers and blooms bring the freshness of the summer into the house and the sun into the heart! Be it a painting, an illustration, or a photograph - flower pictures are popular and timeless subjects for a stylish wall design.

As bright and colourful as they are, flower pictures draw all the attention. They revive bare walls and spread an atmosphere, which just makes people happy!

Not without reason, our flower pictures are among the most popular subjects, because they are more varied than you might assume. Depending on type and presentation, they can add different types of atmosphere to a room.

Everyone knows for example the filigree water lilies by Claude Monet, which radiate tranquility and harmony. On the contrary, the sunflowers by Van Gogh have a different effect - their expressive colours shimmer and give power.

Apart from flowery art prints, you will find impressing photographs of flowers and blooms at Posterlounge - of every season, in every colour and form!
Discover for example shoots of vast lavender or sunflower fields, or fascinating macro photography of blooms. You prefer more exotic subjects? Photos and illustrations of magnolia cherry blossom branches bring an Asian touch into your rooms.

Be it great shots from different times of the year, breath-taking macro photos, or flower still lives such as the famous Renoir paintings - for all desires and design ideas, Posterlounge has the appropriate flower pictures.

Flower wall pictures - presents that last

Sometimes, flowers say more than a thousand words. They are a wonderful present, which comes from the heart and expresses esteem - impersonal or full of emotion. How about surprising your dear ones with a flower picture instead of a bouquet? Flower pictures are both an extraordinary and enduring present of lasting value.

The language of flowers - it works through pictures as well! Each variety serves to express particular feelings, thus it can replace the intended words. The best example is the rose, queen of all flowers, which expresses deep affection and love. Her different colours also stand for hope, friendship, purity, and fidelity.

In Germany, the tulip is very popular, often being used by photographers for captivating shots of bloom. It is usually connected with kindness and leniency. No matter if used as cheerful or profound decoration - bloom and flower pictures are timeless, as they stand for the beauty in life.

Flower pictures as poster or art print: Your advantages at a glance

Experience the unique diversity of the world of flowers and blossoms on posters or art prints.

  • Flower pictures as poster: A flower poster is the perfect decision, if you are looking for an economical and uncomplicated wall picture. An attractive price-quality ratio with excellent print quality make the poster the all-rounder for any budget.
  • Flower pictures on canvas: The combination of splendid colours and high-quality canvas makes art prints look like fine masterpieces, which complies with the aesthetics of flowers entirely. Painted or drawn flower pictures are shown to their fullest advantage on canvas, because they look almost like real paintings.
  • Flower pictures on Alu or Forex: Alu Dibond is the best choice for high-quality and innovative wall design. Its slim and silk matt look makes every subject an elegant eye-catcher and gets the best out of your flower picture. We recommend this material, when you go for colour intense flower pictures.On the contrary, photographs and pictures with a high proportion of white look best on Forex. This light rigid foam board combines a premium look with a fair price.

Discover the colourful theme world at Posterlounge

To turn your home into a wellness oasis, some pieces of nice furniture and a bit of wall paint is not enough. We at Posterlounge know, that the wall design with posters and art prints is essential to add atmosphere and that certain something to a room.

Therefore, you will find in our online shop a multitude of pictures, which make your home even more beautiful. Discover - apart from our flower pictures - our exciting theme worlds from architecture to zoology. They will help you to find your new wall picture for your living room, kitchen, or business rooms.