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Choose city prints for urban cool

Landscape art isn’t just the domain of the countryside. Sure, mountains, beaches and forests are all stunning. But we happen to think cities are just as beautiful in their own way. From dramatic skyscrapers to majestic architecture, our city posters capture the sights of the world’s greatest metropolises. Choose elegant city paintings of historic European destinations or dazzling city pictures of New York’s iconic skyline at night, illuminated by thousands of twinkling lights. Or how about a cool black-and-white city canvas? What could be more stylish? Dive into our collection of city prints for a whirlwind tour of the globe’s hottest urban sights!

City slicking around the world

You’ll find city prints from all corners of the globe. What better way to remember a favourite trip than by choosing an image from your holiday destination? Conjure up the romance and magic of Paris again and again with beautiful city prints like ‘Romantic sunrise at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France’. Or perhaps you’d like to inspire a future trip? Posters of far-flung destinations are the ideal way to get you daydreaming. Fancy a trip to Las Vegas? Havana? Istanbul? We’ve got it all covered.

City prints work well with interior design themes that have a stark, masculine quality. Strong, industrial furniture pieces, metallic surfaces and simple spotlighting all complement our understated city prints. Monochrome images, car posters capturing the rushing lights of city traffic and images of unusual architecture like ‘Hamburg – Elbphilharmonie’ or ‘Brooklyn Bridge in NY at sunrise’ will all give you the bold style and visual impact you need. If you’re looking for prints with a softer style, look no further than the bright colours of ‘Hannover skyline in watercolour’ or warm paintings like ‘Venetian sunset’.

Which material to choose?

We’ve got a great choice of materials for you. But how to choose the right one? It all depends on the finish you prefer. Soft paintings and city prints in historic styles look fantastic printed onto stretched cotton canvas for an authentic final effect. Take it a step further and frame your canvas in a floating frame for added wow factor! Stylish, contemporary city prints look best matched with an equally contemporary material, such as glossy acrylic glass or slender Alu-Dibond.