Animal Posters

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Brighten up your walls with your favourite animal pictures

Who doesn’t love animal pictures? Furry or feathery, cute or majestic, exotic or native, wild or domestic – we all have our favourites. The animal world has inspired artists throughout the ages, from history’s traditional painters to today’s digital photographers.

Perfect as a treat for yourself or a gift for someone you love, our collection of animal prints features the entire cast of the animal kingdom right from tiny goldfish to great grizzly bears. You’ll find animal posters in a range of styles, colours and themes so you are sure to find something to match your interior design!

The colourful world of animal art

Some of our favourite works of art feature animals in the starring role. And you’ll find many styles of animal pictures to choose from. Love abstract art? Franz Marc’s beautiful animal canvas, ‘Foxes’, could be for you. Or how about the humorous surreal artwork ‘Goldfish’ for something a bit different?

If your tastes are more traditional, you might like paintings such as James Pollard’s English pastoral scene, ‘A black bull standing by a cowshed, an extensive landscape beyond’, which has a real sense of grandeur to it.

If your decor had a contemporary feel to it, consider opting for animal pictures with a cool graphic design, such as ‘Arctic wolf’, or a stunning photographic print, such as the gorgeous black and white ‘Owl’.

And if you’re shopping for children, you’ll find plenty of heart-warming animal pictures to bring smiles to their little faces, from the gathering of cute ‘Woodland animals’ to the friendly ‘Bear’.

Choosing the best material for your prints

When it comes to choosing the perfect material for your animal pictures, you’ll find a range of options. Traditional paintings are given an authentic finish when printed onto stretched cotton canvas and hung in a floating frame – you could even create your own animal gallery!

Animal landscapes are given a sense of depth when printed onto glossy acrylic glass, while animal pictures with intense colours look best printed onto slender Alu-Dibond. If your picture has a high proportion of white (perhaps you’re a fan of snow-loving creatures?), then lightweight Forex foam board will give a lovely finish and enhance all of the small details in your piece.

And if your budget is tight, or you are buying for children whose favourite animal changes by the week, then our poster photo paper gives you excellent quality at an affordable price.