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Posters – the quick and affordable way to spruce up your walls!

There’s no need to argue – posters are, and have been for years, the most popular way of giving a room a quick and easy makeover. No wonder, since they are inexpensive, easy to store in and quickly exchanged for one another. Weather you have outgrown the boy band phase or suddenly found a passion for minimalistic wall art, posters give you the chance to express yourself and completely turn your interior design around – all that for little time and money! And this is where Posterlounge comes in to help you find your style with a wide and ever-growing selection of popular poster prints.

The choice is yours and you’ll be spoiled for it, too, as we cater to every taste when it comes to wall posters, from the classics such as Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet, and Vincent van Gogh to icons of the Modern Age like Wassily Kandinsky or Alfons Mucha. Alongside the great masters, aspiring artists from all around the globe can be found, enriching the portfolio with stunning photographs, bold illustrations and inspiring typography, as well as high-class images from exclusive cooperations e.g. with National Geographic. This we combine with excellent quality and brilliant colours characteristic for Posterlounge poster printing as well as fast (and free!) delivery in robust shipping tubes.

After all – it’s not just a poster, it’s a whole new home style!

Every room and every size – find your individual style!

“Posters! That’s something for kids and teenagers!” Hate to disagree, but we believe that posters are for everyone – and everywhere.

Looking to fill a small spot in your gallery wall? Just choose your favourite poster in a smaller size. You want a stunning eye-catcher for an empty wall and are looking for an XXL print? No problem, with Posterlounge, every motif can be printed in a myriad of sizes, from very small to very large.

Now you’ll ask, “But how to get them on the wall?” Don’t worry, we provide a selection of various mounting solutions to make hanging a poster on the wall that much quicker and easier. A kid’s room might need a change of scenery every few weeks as trends rush past like express trains – good thing we offer tesa Powerstrips right here in our shop and you can simply order them alongside your favourite print. For a more unusual look, why not try magnetic poster hanging, which makes exchanging your posters that much faster and easier – and makes for an absolutely unique style!

The poster prints work perfectly without additional frames, thanks to the heavy, premium quality of the poster printing paper, with its high colour brilliance and UV resistance, as well as its high-end semi-matte finish. Yet, if you want to opt for the chic look of framed posters, our prints also perfectly fit into standard frames.

More than just a piece of paper!

Vibrant colours, razor-sharp outlines and quality that you can actually feel – a wall poster by Posterlounge is more than just a piece of paper!

We not only care that you find exactly what you are looking for (and more) in our shop, but also want you to be blown away by the exceptional quality and the luxurious look and feel of our posters. To live up to our promises of providing the best poster prints both in- and outside of the UK, we produce in-house and keep a close eye on all processes of the poster printing process – which of course includes keeping them safe and sound on their way to you. Therefore, we pack your favourite posters in sturdy shipping tubes that can take the occasional nudge and send them right to your very doorstep – for free, of course!

See? It never was easier to create your very own style on a budget than with posters from Posterlounge, so don’t waste any time (or money) and get inspired by wall posters you’ll love!