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Huge variety of subjects

There are hundreds of thousands of paintings in the world. There isn't a subject that hasn't been immortalised by artists in this way. Paintings have always played a major role in people's lives, even when humankind still lived in caves. There have always been artists who felt the need to express the way they saw the world or their feelings in a painting. Owning a famous or special picture has also always been a sign of particular wealth or standing, and of course of good taste.

Painting posters and prints

Most of us are unlikely to be able to afford an original painting by a famous artist. A print or a poster is the perfect way to show that you truly appreciate a particular artist's work, or love the subject of the painting. A print or poster of a work of art is ideal for injecting some of your own personality into a room, and a cheap and cheerful alternative for brightening up somewhere you may be living only temporarily, for example student accommodation or a holiday home.

The art of painting

There are many different methods of painting, and a picture can be painted on a wide range of different materials – from ordinary paper to fine canvas. There are also just as many different styles of painting, from traditional portraits and landscapes to more contemporary styles, such as abstract art. The style of picture you choose to have printed on one of our backing materials, which range from traditional canvas to modern acrylic glass, is entirely up to you. Why not browse our many exciting different styles to see which one you like best, or which style best suits the interior of your home or the room you want to display your poster or print in.

It's all in the colours

Art is all about colours – painters cleverly use many different shades to achieve a certain effect or emotion. So obviously, a picture can dramatically change the look and feel of a room or space. Our huge range of painting prints and posters is bound to feature some that would be perfect for one of the rooms in your home simply because of the colours the artist used; although the subject of a picture can be just as easy to integrate into your interior design scheme. A painting with a floral theme, for example, would look stunning displayed in a conservatory! Let your imagination run wild… Just like the artists who created these paintings did.