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Impressionism – life at its most real

It may seem unusual to us now, but when it first emerged as a movement, Impressionism was deemed radical and unartistic. What has, with time, become intrinsic to our definition of artistic beauty and talent was once derided as nothing more than a collection of unfinished sketches. The issue was one of approach: whereas most critically acclaimed painting up until the mid-nineteenth century had focused on the use of clear delineation to depict historical or mythological scenes, Impressionism instead focused on dynamism, movement and light, the artists blending colours freely without separating lines in order to retain the immediacy of real life in their work.

Originating in France among young painters such as Monet and Renoir, Impressionism also pioneered the approach of painting outdoors, or en plein air, in order to capture the effects of natural lighting on its subject matter. Until this point, most painters had worked in indoor studios.

Impressionism to inspire your interior design

Unconstrained by the fetters of more traditional styles, Impressionist art is bursting with colour and life. This makes it the perfect centrepiece around which to plan your bedroom or living room, radiating the ideal positivity to start and end your day with. Be relaxed and inspired by the gentle greens and blues of Monet’s “Water Lilies” and Mostyn’s “The Garden of Enchantment”, or float along Hamburg’s waterways with Max Slevogt’s “Sailboats on the Alster River in the Evening”. Those who prefer a sense of lively society in their homes will also enjoy Renoir’s Luncheon of the Boating Party and Max Liebermann’s “Münchner Biergarten”, the perfect scenes to bring joy to the porch or dinner table.

Although many Impressionist prints focus on smaller, more everyday scenes of nature and human activity, the movement also produced some stunning landscapes. Pieces such as Monet’s “Low Tide” paintings and Soren Emil Carlsen’s “The Ocean at Sunrise” offer a true sense of depth and scale, perfectly capturing the endless beauty of nature. Hang these in your hallway or living room for a reminder of just how amazing the world can be.

Hang the rich colours of Impressionism on your wall

Our Impressionist posters are available in a variety of formats to suit your needs and tastes. Our personal favourite is the acrylic glass sheet, a lightweight alternative to glass and the perfect way to bring out the depth and colour brilliance of your favourite works of art. Or if you prefer the more authentic gallery look, try our high-quality cotton canvas.