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Illustrations – something for everyone

Art is an incredibly varied discipline, and almost every movement has produced lasting masterpieces to wow the world. But sometimes, traditional art can be a little too ostentatious for its surroundings, sapping a room of life rather than adding to it. This is where illustrations come in.

Generally speaking, the terms “graphic art” and “illustration” can be used to describe any drawing designed for mass reproduction or printing. From the woodcut techniques used by monastery print houses to depict scenes from the Bible to copperplate engraving and lithography, illustration art is a grand old tradition in its own right – yet it has always remained at the cutting edge of modernity. Good illustrations form an immediate connection with the viewer, either through simplicity of message or clarity of purpose. From optical illusions and humorous animal portraits to inspirational quotes for your home, there is an illustration out there for everyone.

Illustrations to bring life into your home

Our selection of illustration prints ranges from the cute and the abstract to the philosophical and the mysterious. Brightly coloured scenes and learning posters such as “A day on the farm” and “Learn to count” are perfect for your child’s bedroom, while the black-and-white animal sketches of Stefan Kahlhammer and Tvinka are adorable fun for all the family. At the same time, there is no shortage of more reserved pictures for elsewhere in your house – our “Cloud City” poster makes the perfect centrepiece to hang over the dining table, for example. Or if you prefer something with more of a retro vibe, you could brighten up your living room with Mandy Reinmuth’s “Panton orange” or John Hurford’s “Psychedelic”.

Many of the illustrations available at Posterlounge also employ unusual techniques, such as collage and double-exposure photography. Elisandra Sevenstar’s “Djamilla” and Robert Farkas’ stunning, ethereal nature scenes are just some of our more innovative favourites. Delve into our collection of illustration posters today to add more life to your home.

The right format for any illustration

Our illustrations come in all different shapes and sizes, and can be printed in a variety of formats to match. Illustrations for children’s rooms are best bought as posters on high-quality photo paper for maximum flexibility, but pieces for elsewhere in your home will benefit from being printed on our 100% cotton canvas for that authentic museum look. Colourful illustrations become even more vibrant when printed on acrylic glass, while Forex PVC foam board is the perfect mounting choice for pieces with plenty of whitespace.