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Art Nouveau for decorative interior elegance

Heavily influenced by Japanese graphic art, Art Nouveau is known for its organic lines, rhythmic patterns and dazzling colours. Curvaceous female form, birds, flowers and water – these are the subjects that fascinated the Art Nouveau artists. Their paintings and graphic work reflected the new interest in natural form by focusing on graceful compositions and harmonious forms.

Treasure the organic abstraction of Art Nouveau

Allegories and portraits of women, landscapes that dissolve into patterns, people in nature – all of the Art Nouveau prints in the Posterlounge collection celebrate a revival of the playful Rococo period on a more basic, natural level. The colours are muted and yet glowing: gold, tan and chestnut. Watery blue and grass green characterise the landscapes.

Everyone appreciates the lively appeal of Art Nouveau posters promoting cafés, champagne, cigarettes and soap – the good things in life. Alphonse Mucha and Toulouse de Lautrec are two of the best-known graphic artists of this period. Their posters are very popular. And Gustav Klimt painted fascinating high-society portraits using gold leaf and mosaic-like patterns. His landscapes also have the quality of mosaics.

Neutral colours and organic shapes make Art Nouveau wall art an elegant addition to hallways, bedrooms, dining rooms and elegant libraries. They are especially effective on darker walls. Select your Art Nouveau posters to add metallic sheen to your décor or hang them to showcase their eye-catching, organic detail.

Art Nouveau from Posterlounge is available in a variety of materials and looks

  • Poster: You can order your Art Nouveau posters as prints on high-quality photo paper. For appealing value and the opportunity to create an individual look with a frame. Indoor only.
  • Canvas: Decorative Art Nouveau wall art on finely textured 100% cotton canvas has the look of real museum-quality paintings and prints. Also available with canvas floater frames. Indoor only.
  • Dibond: Dibond is a lightweight, rigid aluminium composite material with a thin profile. Indoor/outdoor/wet room. No frame required.
  • Forex: For images with a high proportion of white space, Forex PVC foam board is the right mounting choice. Indoor/outdoor. No frame required.
  • Acrylic glass: Acrylic glass sheets are a lightweight alternative to glass. When printed on acrylic glass, your wall art will possess depth and colour brilliance – ideal for Art Nouveau images. Indoor/outdoor/wet room. No frame required.