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Art prints create personal, vibrant interiors

Everyone knows that wall art is an easy, effective way of personalizing your home. With art prints, you can work tone-in-tone or add sparkling colour accents. Based on their colours and subject matter, you can create a special mood by hanging your favourite art prints at home or in the office.

At Posterlounge, we offer a wide selection of art styles both current and historical. We have everything from drawings, illustrations and photography to Art Nouveau, Baroque, Gothic and Post-Impressionism. Browse through our range of styles, and once you find one to suit your decorating ideas, you can narrow down the selection by filtering for format and colour.

More is more with art prints

Photorealism, concept art, Cubism, Renaissance, naive art, advertising posters, watercolour painting and silk paintings – stay within one medium for a unified look. Find a look that will work with your interior and choose a colour or a colour range. For a vibrant contrast, choose a rich colour for a pastel room, a light colour for a dark room, or a red art print for a mostly green room, etc. You can also choose several art prints from your favourite artist – we have Boticelli and Beardsley, Manet and Munch, Velasquez and Van Gogh, just to name a few. To create a gallery look, order several fine art prints in the same colour range from the same art period!

Posterlounge art pictures are available in a variety of materials and looks:

  • Poster: You can order your art posters as prints on high-quality photo paper. For appealing value and the opportunity to create an individual look. Indoor only.
  • Canvas: Fine art prints on finely textured 100% cotton canvas look like real museum-quality paintings and prints. For an authentic look with added depth, also available with a canvas floater frame. Indoor only.
  • Dibond: Dibond is a lightweight, rigid aluminium composite material with a thin profile. It is the ideal mounting material for art prints featuring rich, intense colours. Indoor/outdoor/wet room. No frame required.
  • Forex: If the art pictures you have chosen contain a high proportion of white space, Forex PVC foam board is the right mounting choice. Indoor/outdoor. No frame required.
  • Acrylic glass: Acrylic glass sheets are a lightweight alternative to glass. When printed on acrylic glass, your art prints will possess depth and colour brilliance. Indoor/outdoor/wet room. No frame required.